community Development Corp
The corporation shall be governed by Section 4A & 4B and will promote the economic development of the City of Hutto.


The Community Development Corp is comprised of seven members who are appointed by City Council and serve two-year terms. 

Members Term Expiration
Mike Arismendez
June 30, 2021
Shawn Lucas June 30, 2021
VACANT June 30, 2021
Don Carlson, Vice Chair June 30, 2021
Kevin LaFrance, Treasurer   June 30, 2021
Henry Gideon June 30, 2021 
Steven Harris, Chair June 30, 2021

Contact Information
Send Application to:
City Secretary
500 W. Live Oak St.
Hutto, TX 78634
Ph: (512) 759-4839
Fx: (512) 846-2653
Economic Development Specialist
500 W. Live Oak St.
Hutto, TX 78634
Ph: (512) 759-4843
Fx: (512) 846-2653
Please email Cheri Bowman for assistance

Council Liaison:   Mike Snyder