Garage Sales Form



First Name

Last Name

Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Email Address

Beginning Date of Garage Sale (mm/dd/yyyy)
Ending Date of Garage Sale (mm/dd/yyyy)

No person other than the occupant of the permitted address shall conduct the garage sale at the permitted address.
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No occupant shall conduct a garage sale if such sales have been conducted upon the same property address within the period of six (6) months.
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No person shall sell or offer for sale at a garage sale, merchandise other than used and discarded items of personal property.
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No garage sale shall be conducted for a period not to exceed three consecutive calendar days.
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All garage sales shall be conducted between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
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The garage sale shall be conducted in such a manner by the occupant so as not to create a disturbance or become a nuisance in the neighborhood, including parking.
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No more than three (3) signs at a maximum of four (4) square feet may be posted.
Signs must contain address of garage sale.
Signs cannot be posted in the public right of way. Example of Right of Way:
  • telephone/utility pole
  • stop signs
  • or within 10 feet from curb
Signs must be removed by 5:00 PM at the end of the last day of the garage sale.
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Check all that apply
 Clothes Dryer
 Small Kitchen Appliances
 Miscellaneous Appliances

Baby/Kids Items
Check all that apply

 Baby Clothes
 Baby Swing
 Car Seat
 Changing Table
 High Chair
 Kids Clothes
 Kids Toys
 Playground Equipment
 Miscellaneous Baby/Kids Items

Check all that apply

 Adult Clothing
 Clothing Accessories
 Teens Clothing
 Miscellaneous Clothing

Check all that apply

 DVD Player
 Portable Radio/Stereo
 VHS Player/Recorder
 Video Camera
 Miscellaneous Electronics

Check all that apply

 Board Games
 DVD Movies
 Musical Instruments
 VHS Movies
 Video Games
 Miscellaneous Entertainment

Fitness/Exercise Equipment
Check all that apply

 Stationary Bikes
 Miscellaneous Fitness/Exercise Equipment

Check all that apply

 Bedroom Furniture
 Dining Room Furniture
 Kitchen Furniture
 Living Room Furniture
 Office Furniture
 Patio Furniture
 Miscellaneous Furniture


Check all that apply
Miscellaneous Hobbies

Lawn Equipment/Tools

Check all that apply
 Gardening Tools
 Hand Tools
 Lawn Edger
 Leaf Blower
 Power Tools
 Push Mower
 Riding Mower
 Weed Eater
 Miscellaneous Lawn Equipment/Tools

Household Items
Check all that apply

 Art Work/Wall Hangings
 Kitchen Utensils
 Nic Nacs
 Miscellaneous Household Items

Sporting Goods/Equipment
Check all that apply

 Baseball Equipment
 Basketball Equipment
 Bowling Equipment
 Camping Gear
 Fishing Tackle
 Football Equipment
 Golf Clubs
 Hockey Equipment
 Hunting Gear
 Soccer Equipment
 Tennis Equipment
 Miscellaneous Sporting Goods/Equipment

Any violation of ordinances stated above may result in a formal complaint being filed against you in the Municipal Court of Hutto, Texas. You may be required to appear in Municipal Court to respond to these charges.
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