Starting a New Business

So, you are planning on opening a new business, what do you need to do?
Depending on the nature of your new business, federal, state, and local licenses and permits may be required. In most areas, there are zoning restrictions that may prevent you from operating a business from a particular location, including your home. Finally, there are state and federal income taxes, sales taxes and withholding taxes to consider. Depending on the size of your business, it may be best to consult with an attorney before getting started.

What permits are required?

All new construction and most remodeling projects require a permit in Hutto particularly when building safety may be affected. The City enforces State and City codes and ordinances to ensure buildings are safe and meet zoning requirements, and it monitors construction through the inspection process.

If you are a New Business or Relocating a Business you must first obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

A Certificate of Occupancy is required before any of the following:

  • New building can be occupied
  • Any remodel of existing building can be occupied
  • Before an existing building can be used for a new purpose (ex: retail space converted to a school)
  • Change of Ownership
  • Change of Tenant
What are the basic steps to starting a business?

  • File an assumed name (D.B.A.) certificate with the County Clerk in the county/counties where the business is located and/or will conduct business.

Nancy E. Rister
County Clerk, Williamson County
P.O. Box 18, Georgetown, Texas 78627

  • Corporations and incorporation documents are filed with the Secretary of State in Austin 512-463-5555. Upon filing in Austin, the D.B.A. is then filed in the county/counties where the business is locatedand/or will conduct business. Forms and information are available on the Secretary of State’s web   site:
  • To obtain a state sales tax ID #, contact the State Comptroller at the LBJ State Office Building, 111East 17th Street, Austin, Texas 78774, 512-463-4600 or 800-252-5555. Forms are available on the State Comptroller’s web site:
  • Employer’s ID# – contact the Texas Workforce Commission at 512-463-2731 or 800-832-9394. Information is also available on their web site:
  • Department  of  Insurance at 512-463-6515 or 1-800-252-3439. Several publications are available on 
  • For safety regulations, contact OSHA at 1-800-321-OSHA. Information is also available at

  • For patent or copyright information, contact: US Patent and Trademark Office 1-800-786-9199 or
  • If the business is operated in a home, review the deed restrictions and contact the homeowners’ Association and the planning and zoning division for requirements at 512-759-3479 or email

  • If the business is located in a city or its jurisdiction, contact that city for possible permit requirements at 512-759-5971 or email

  • Contact the Williamson County and Cities Health District for a business involved in food preparation at 512-930-4390 or visit there website by clicking here.

  • Contact the Hutto Community Development Corporation by visiting their webpage.